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How do you prepare for the journey of a lifetime?

posted by AXA Resourcing Team on 3 September 2015

In May 2015, Will Moore won the Great Global Adventure from AXA. In the past few months hes been preparing for his round-the-world trip, deciding where to go and what to see along the way. The first leg of his journey will take him to Asia, with an internship at AXA Investment Managers in Hong Kong. We caught up with him to discover how hes been getting ready for this unforgettable adventure.


So, what’s your plan for the next few months?

My trip begins on 5th September when I fly out to Hong Kong. After a few days of sightseeing, I’m travelling into China to work my way around six major cities and take in famous sights like the Terracotta Warriors. Then I’m taking the high speed bullet train from Beijing to Hong Kong where I will be joining a team within AXA Investment Managers as an intern for six weeks.

How did you decide where to go?

Well, I’ve always had a bucket list of travel destinations to visit and I’ve had a great travel agent who’s shared some useful ideas of places to go (thanks, Honorata!) My friends have been sending their recommendations too and I’ve found online forums are a good place for inspiration and advice.

What tips have you learnt so far for packing for long trips?

The best advice I’ve received is to take very little with you. Don’t pack for a year of travel, pack for a week! It’s amazing how long you can survive with a few outfits and a can-do attitude! Plus, packing cubes are a great way of fitting the essentials into nice little compartments that fit into your rucksack.

What three absolutely essential items are you taking with you?

I’d say trail running shoes (incredibly light and robust), an ultra-light rain jacket that compacts into a small bag (perfect for any sudden downpours) and a sleeping bag silk liner for using in hostels.

Do you have any travel apps you’d recommend?

For languages: Duolingo and Google Translate

For where to stay and eat: Hostelworld and TripAdvisor

For help with your budget: XE Currency Converter

Gadget watch! Have you bought and packed anything ingenious that you think will make you extra travel savvy?

One of my favourite purchases is my Canon G7X camera. Not only does it take HD photos and film, but it’s got a flip up screen for the ultimate selfie.

Wining and dining! Are there any dishes you’re looking forward to trying on your travels?

I love Pan-Asian food: noodles, dumplings, dim-sum, soups. Asia is going to be a taste sensation! I’m really keen to try as many local dishes as possible. When I studied in Russia I lived off borsht (beetroot soup), first made for me by my babushka in Yaroslavl. I’m looking forward to some more when I’m back there.


What piece of advice would you give someone setting off on an adventure similar to your own?

Pack light and make sure you get your inoculations and visa applications done as soon as possible.


Finally, what do you think you’ll miss the most while being away?

The smell of fish and chips, HP Sauce and my grandmother’s home made Cornish pasties.

You can follow every step of Will’s journey on Instagram @greatglobaladventurer and on our DiscoverAXA Facebook and Twitter pages, plus watch his regular vlog updates over on AXA’s YouTube channel

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