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How I discovered AXA: From the Philippines to Paris

posted by AXA Resourcing Team on 7 April 2016

Meet Paolo. He’s got a pretty unique story to tell.

Originally from the Philippines, at the start of the year he joined the Media Department at AXA in Paris – welcome Paolo!

But his decision to join AXA took a slightly different route than most. And it all began last year, with the Great Global Adventure. We caught up with him to hear how he came to be part of the AXA family:

Paolo with his new team in the Media Department

(Paolo pictured left with his new team in the Media Department)

How did you first discover AXA?

I discovered AXA via the Great Global Adventure game. I’d read about it on a student forum, and thought it was an interesting opportunity, so I decided to try my luck. I didn’t really know what to expect as I didn’t know too much about AXA besides the fact that it was one of the largest insurance companies. But as I was playing the game and going through each stage, I learned more and more about its values, achievements and initiatives (particularly the CSR efforts).

What happened after the game closed?

After several rounds of interviews, I got a call from AXA saying that I was the regional winner from Asia. It was a surreal feeling, but I was more than ecstatic. Then after the overall winner was announced, I got another call a few days later from Hannah West (Global Head of Employer Brand). She told me that they were finding an opportunity for me within AXA, which came as an even bigger surprise. I just didn’t expect that by playing the game, I could get something really tangible out of it. After a couple interviews with different departments, she congratulated me and told me I had a position on the Global Graduate Program in the Paris office.

Paolo with the Global Employer Brand and Recruitment Team in Paris

(Hannah and Paolo pictured centre - with the Global Employer Brand and Recruitment Team)

What did your parents think of your success?

I never told anyone outside my group of friends that I’d been playing the game. So it came as a bit of a shock to my family when I told them I got a job in Paris. They really couldn’t believe it and kept asking if it was really true and how I got it.

What made you decide AXA was right for you?

Before joining AXA, I didn’t really have the faintest idea of what I wanted to do. I was looking for a company that would expose me to senior leaders, provide global experience and offer me training to help further my career. AXA fit perfectly in my mind because it encapsulated all these qualities and so much more. 

The work that we do every day at AXA is fast and constantly evolving. But more than this, there are areas where you wouldn’t expect a company like AXA to be at the forefront, especially in terms of technology and the level of innovation. I think that if a company is making that much progress and leaps forward, who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

What would you tell people thinking of playing the Great Global Adventure right now?

I made the decision to leave the Philippines and join AXA after playing. The experience so far has been nothing short of amazing and has exceeded all my expectations. If you’re passionate about traveling and new adventures, this is an opportunity you can’t miss. There is nothing like it anywhere else. Who knows, you might even get the chance to become the next Great Global Adventurer.

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