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Team building on the AXA Global Graduate Program

posted by AXA Resourcing Team on 4 February 2015

Elena Maria Moreno, Actuarial Graduate, AXA France 

After studying actuarial sciences, I knew that AXA was the place I wanted to work. They’re one of the largest insurance companies in the world and that was very attractive to me. While the size and scope of the organisation is so vast, AXA’s Global Graduate Program gives you the chance to rotate and explore different career paths and working environments. I knew that it’d be a great opportunity to learn, discover and develop valuable skills.  

There is a huge emphasis on team building at AXA – something that I’ve really enjoyed during my time here. For the first part of my Actuarial Graduate Programme, I lived in Madrid and worked for AXA Mediterranean and Latin America (AXA MedLA). While I was there, we were all taken on a team trip involving lots of activities and games, which was a great opportunity to spend time with colleagues. One game that really stood out was a game called ‘Crossing the River’ where you have to work together to get your whole team from one side of the imaginary river to the other by standing on small bits of paper representing pebbles. It sounds a little strange but it was so fun and it really boosted my confidence and helped me to get to know more about the people I was working with.

I’m now on my second placement, living in Paris and working for AXA France. It’s a completely different working environment. At AXA MedLA, there were around 19 nationalities and it was a very international culture with everyone speaking English whereas here most people speak French so as well as learning lots of new skills, I’m also learning a new language! I’ve learnt so much already and had the opportunity to enhance my skills over two very different placements, I’m really happy here.

If you’re a graduate interested in a truly global career in an open and challenging environment, then apply for our Global Graduate Program today. 

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