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Why you should kick-start your Early Career at AXA

View of New York City from near the New Jersey Office.

As I am approaching graduation I was eager to use my time in New York City to investigate what it is like to start your career at AXA. To do this, I spoke first hand to some individuals who began [...]

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4 things you should know about the Great Global Adventure 2016/17

While you may already be aware that the Great Global Adventure involves two six-week internship placements, one six-week volunteering opportunity and a year of travel – here are four things you might not know about the 2016/17 instalment that will hopefully give you some insight into what you can expect [...]

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My First Month as the Great Global Adventurer

One week into my first AXA experience in New York City and I already have so much to share about the unique initiatives, exciting workplace environment and charitable causes AXA US is involved in. While I will be sharing several articles over the coming months with regard to specific aspects [...]

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A Great Global Thank You to Our Employees

The Great Global Adventure isn’t just a game. It’s also a great way for us to reach and give back to our employees around the world. It’s a chance to let them learn about different parts of our business and test their knowledge, while having a bit of fun.

So, on [...]

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From 26,907 down to 4: Who will be our next AXA adventurer?

Nearly 27,000 students and graduates played the Great Global Adventure again this year. Presenting a mammoth task to our judges – how do you get from 27,000 to 4 and how do you choose the final winner?

We asked our judges what they were searching for in choosing the regional [...]

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Goodbye San Francisco, hello Hong Kong

Will Moore’s #AXAadventure has finally come to an end. The DiscoverAXA team would like to say a massive thank you to our global winner and wish him all the best for his future career. We’ll definitely miss hearing about all his adventures. Luckily for us all, our next Great Global [...]

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What’s next on the Great Global Adventure?

The Great Global Adventure game might be over, but for one unsuspecting student or graduate, their journey is only just beginning. We had almost 27,000 students and graduates from 184 countries around the world, take part in this year’s game. Over the past week, we’ve been sifting through all [...]

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8 months, 15 countries, one incredible experience

It’s been just over 8 months since Will Moore set off on his Great Global Adventure. The last time we spoke to him he was about to embark on the last leg of his journey. Now, he’s in Toronto, so we had a [...]

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How I discovered AXA: From the Philippines to Paris

Meet Paolo. He’s got a pretty unique story to tell.

Originally from the Philippines, at the start of the year he joined the Media Department at AXA in Paris – welcome Paolo!

But his decision to join AXA took a slightly different route than most. And it all began last year, with [...]

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5 must-see cities to inspire the adventurer in you

So far, we’ve had 3,200 players share their top cities to visit and explore as part of the Great Global Adventure game.

Tokyo is the absolute favourite for another year; chosen by players in every region (take a look at

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10 songs to travel the world:

Way back when we launched the first Great Global Adventure in 2014, we invited you to share your favourite travel songs on our Spotify Travel Playlist.

Now, it’s a year on and our winner Will is over half way through his [...]

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5 reasons why you should play the Great Global Adventure

Heard of the Great Global Adventure game? If you’re a student or a recent graduate, this opportunity from AXA is not-to-be-missed. We’re offering you the chance to tick-off your dream list of destinations, gain valuable work experience and take part in a community project. [...]

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How travelling can help give you a global mindset


What is a global mindset? It’s the ability to navigate your way easily from one culture to another. It’s the awareness of global differences both socially and economically. It’s being able to learn and adapt to each new situation irrespective of where you are. 

It’s also an important [...]

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Giving back: The AXA Adventure and Junior Achievement

Eight months travel, two international work experience placements and a community project; that’s the incredible prize that Will, our Great Global Adventure winner, won last year. And if, like us, you’ve been following the GreatGlobalAdventurer on his amazing journey so far, you’ll know that [...]

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Trans-Siberian adventures and fast friendships

Will Moore, the AXA Great Global Adventurer, has been on a journey like no other. Having won 8 months travel, two internships in AXA offices and a voluntary experience, he started his trip in September. Three and a half months in, he’s [...]

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The Great Global Adventure: The journey so far…

He’s travelled around China, stayed in Hong Kong for over a month on a 6 week internship with AXA and walked the Great Wall of China in two different seasons. Now our Great Global Adventurer, Will Moore, is taking the Trans-Siberian railway on route for Russia.

So, while he’s making his [...]

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Be prepared and push yourself: My Hong Kong internship

As part of his Great Global Adventure, Will Moore has been learning the ins and outs of asset management at AXA Investment Managers, Hong Kong. Before he started his internship we asked him a few questions about what he was looking forward to, and with only a week left [...]

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From Hong Kong to China and back again

On the 5th of September Will Moore set off on the first leg of his round the world trip, as part of the Great Global Adventure. In the past month, he’s been from Hong Kong to China and back again, his route taking him through Shenzhen, Guilin, Yangshuo, Chengdu, [...]

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How do you prepare for the journey of a lifetime?

In May 2015, Will Moore won the Great Global Adventure from AXA. In the past few months hes been preparing for his round-the-world trip, deciding where to go and what to see along the way. The first leg of his journey will take him to Asia, with [...]

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Bonjour, Hello and здравствуйте to Will!

Our Great Global Adventure winner, Will Moore, visited us in our Paris headquarters this week, to begin planning his exciting travel adventure.

So we took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his experience so far.

Hi Will, how about you start by introducing yourself?

I’m 23 and I grew up in [...]

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Who will win the Great Global Adventure?

Over 25,000 people from across the globe participated in our Great Global Adventure online game. After several weeks of careful consideration: counting game points, video interviews, lots of great answers from all the contestants and some tough decisions, the day of the final interview has arrived.

Four finalists will meet [...]

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The Great Global game has finished but the Adventure continues…

We want to say a big international thank you to everyone who played the Great Global Adventure by AXA. The game has now closed and we begin the search to find the winner of the once-in-a-lifetime travel and work experience.

The game has been a runaway global success. Tens of thousands of [...]

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Great Global Adventure: What's in it for you?

With just five days to go before the Great Global Adventure closes, AXA Global Employer Brand and Resourcing Manager Hannah West shares what’s in it for you.

The prize of up to a year’s international travel, two internships and participation in a community project is pretty unique. Where did the idea [...]

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AXA chats travel with Mapping Megan

As part of our Great Global Adventure competition, we're offering the lucky winner an unforgettable round-the-world trip for up to a year, including worldwide travel with two valuable work placements in AXA offices and a community project, all tailored to their individual interests and preferences.

But what if you've [...]

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Discover AXA Travel Playlist

What do you listen to when you’re on holiday or exploring other countries?

As part of our Great Global Adventure competiton, we're offering one lucky winner the chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world. To soothe your ears whilst you visit the world's wonders, we’ve put together [...]

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Students and graduates reveal perfect travel destinations

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

As part of our Great Global Adventure competition, we’re asking students and new graduates who play the game to share their top travel destinations with us. So far, over 2,700 entrants worldwide have told us where in the [...]

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Great Global Adventure at a glance

10 weeks ago we launched Great Global Adventure, a global competition offering you the chance to win a life-changing, world-first prize. 

As well as up to eight months worldwide travel, the prize also includes two six-week paid internships at two different AXA locations worldwide, plus a voluntary experience with one of [...]

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The Great Global Adventure by AXA has arrived

AXA’s first global competition offers higher education students and recent graduates the chance to win a life-changing, world-first prize: a year of discovery, volunteering and practical work experience, which will boost and enhance any CV.

The Great Global Adventure is go – and the prize on offer [...]

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