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Why you should kick-start your Early Career at AXA

View of New York City from near the New Jersey Office.

As I am approaching graduation I was eager to use my time in New York City to investigate what it is like to start your career at AXA. To do this, I spoke first hand to some individuals who began [...]

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4 things you should know about the Great Global Adventure 2016/17

While you may already be aware that the Great Global Adventure involves two six-week internship placements, one six-week volunteering opportunity and a year of travel – here are four things you might not know about the 2016/17 instalment that will hopefully give you some insight into what you can expect [...]

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My graduate experience as Deputy Product Owner at AXA

Our graduates have a real impact here at AXA. Not only do we ask them to challenge us and themselves, but it’s important to us that they contribute in a substantial way towards our purpose: empowering people to live better lives.

Karla Lukic is just one great example of how our [...]

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My First Month as the Great Global Adventurer

One week into my first AXA experience in New York City and I already have so much to share about the unique initiatives, exciting workplace environment and charitable causes AXA US is involved in. While I will be sharing several articles over the coming months with regard to specific aspects [...]

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Building your personal brand on LinkedIn

A good LinkedIn profile doesn’t just offer you a place to showcase your career and skills. It can also give you the chance to network with others, discover topics that are popular in your field and join in on those discussions, and allow you to become a thought-leader on subjects [...]

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How AXA and Junior Achievement are rewarding entrepreneurial mind-sets

Over 200 students gathered in Lucerne between 25-28 July to celebrate the top mini-companies from across Europe in Junior Achievement’s Company of the Year Competition. 36 student-teams competed as part of JA Europe’s flagship JA Company Programme, which gives them an [...]

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How can the Alliance for Youth help you find work?

This June, we celebrate the second anniversary of AXA’s involvement in the Alliance for Youth. We’ve achieved some remarkable results, both in terms of recruitment and events/projects that we’ve organised.

One shining example of the success of this partnership is Maryna Soula. Maryna was born in Ukraine, studied in Germany and [...]

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How I discovered AXA: From the Philippines to Paris

Meet Paolo. He’s got a pretty unique story to tell.

Originally from the Philippines, at the start of the year he joined the Media Department at AXA in Paris – welcome Paolo!

But his decision to join AXA took a slightly different route than most. And it all began last year, with [...]

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Giving back: The AXA Adventure and Junior Achievement

Eight months travel, two international work experience placements and a community project; that’s the incredible prize that Will, our Great Global Adventure winner, won last year. And if, like us, you’ve been following the GreatGlobalAdventurer on his amazing journey so far, you’ll know that [...]

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Preparing young people for work

Last year AXA partnered with the likes of Nestle, Nielsen and Twitter as part of the Alliance for Youth, working to assist youth employability. Since then, AXA has taken part in a number of events; from workshops at the European Parliament in Brussels, to coaching [...]

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Be prepared and push yourself: My Hong Kong internship

As part of his Great Global Adventure, Will Moore has been learning the ins and outs of asset management at AXA Investment Managers, Hong Kong. Before he started his internship we asked him a few questions about what he was looking forward to, and with only a week left [...]

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Seven ways to sell yourself in an interview

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first interview or your 100th, every interview is different, so it’s important you’ve got the basics covered. Give yourself a head start against the competition with these seven pointers:

1. Body language

First impressions count and body language is key: maintain eye contact, give your interviewer [...]

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Being a leader for a day

Did you know 73.4 million young people are unemployed around the world?[1]

How can we ensure young people today gain the skills and experience needed to help them on their career path? Well, at AXA we’re working on a variety of projects and inviting our employees to get involved [...]

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My internship at AXA: How it changed my perceptions

My name’s Morgane and I’m currently studying at the European Business School (EBS) and working on my thesis on well-being at work and a new kind of management. For the past 3 months I’ve been an intern at AXA’s global head office in Paris. I’ve been part of the Global [...]

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How to win over your future employer in just eight minutes

Interviews are always a little daunting and if you’re easily scared by the process, it might be worth looking away now. A new study by AXA has revealed that it takes employers just eight minutes to make up their minds about whether to hire someone or not, gulp!

So what can [...]

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