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How we’re supporting 220 women to help better protect in the future

The AXA Research Fund supports an incredible 220 women researchers worldwide.

From 26 countries, covering 44 nationalities, each researcher is engaged in fundamental projects for the better understanding and prevention of major risks that impact society. 

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How can one picture paint a thousand words?

We believe that working for a global company shouldn’t mean keeping your true self boxed up. We are incredibly proud of the amazing variety of cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles of our employees around the world, and we know that this variety helps to make us stronger.

So, to celebrate our uniqueness, [...]

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My First Month as the Great Global Adventurer

One week into my first AXA experience in New York City and I already have so much to share about the unique initiatives, exciting workplace environment and charitable causes AXA US is involved in. While I will be sharing several articles over the coming months with regard to specific aspects [...]

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Back to work: How commitment and collaboration are crucial for innovation

The final blog of our “back to work” series features Susan Sanchez from the US, speaking about her experience of AXA’s Start-In innovation platform. Discover how she adapted to innovating whilst working thanks to her passion, commitment and our collaborative culture.

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I'm Susan Sanchez and I [...]

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Back to work: How to persist with innovation while being prepared to walk away

It’s week three of our Back to Work blog series on innovation in the workplace. This week, meet David from AXA UK. Discover how his experience with AXA’s employee innovation program, Start-in, has [...]

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Back to work: How innovation is a state of mind and the importance of practice

Some of you may have read our previous blog in the Back to Work series with Bernadette Cichostepski. In her interview she spoke about being innovative at work and re-assessing priorities [...]

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Back to work: How to develop new skills and bring your career back into focus

For some of us (especially the Northern Hemisphere) September marks the end of Summer holidays and the time to go back to work. No matter whether you’ve taken a week’s break, or a bit longer, you’re hopefully feeling fresh, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world again. It’s the [...]

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Two Years On: How Reverse Mentoring has developed at AXA

This year, we celebrated the two-year anniversary of our Reverse Mentoring program at AXA. You may remember our article last year with Ewa Sulima on how the program got started.

Now, Alice Pellerin (@Alice_Pln) is in [...]

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How to be yourself and better understand others at work

Ensuring that each and every one of our employees can bring their whole selves to work is really important. It’s the responsibility of our Diversity and Inclusion teams around the world to help create a culture of inclusion and accessibility. For example, on the 12th May, we held our first [...]

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What really happens inside a Social Media Command Centre?

Meet Chutima Phummoon. She works at AXA’s Social Media Command Centre in Thailand. Sounds cool right? We decided to take a closer look, to find out what really happens inside a social media command centre and why it’s so important:

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Inside the AXA Lab: Students, Surprises and Silicon Valley

In January, 25 MBA students on the Stanford-Tsinghua Exchange Program (STEP) made their way to San Francisco to immerse themselves in the Silicon Valley ecosystem. They met with companies like Google, Facebook, Uber, and also the AXA Lab. The day was organised as part of our strategic partnership with Tsinghua [...]

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Reverse Mentoring: A New World of Learning

Diversity and innovation

As a global company we employ a diverse range of people from different cultures, generations and backgrounds, all of whom have different levels of experience. Traditionally, mentoring has helped the older generations pass on their experience to younger employees. But the world is changing and growing at a [...]

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Start-in: Bringing our employee’s ideas to life

In 2014, we launched a global internal innovation program. Start-in invites employees to co-create solutions for our customers by submitting their ideas to an online crowd-sourcing platform.

Over eight hundred ideas were suggested this year, and after 5 months of coaching, selection, and one 4-day hackathon, the winning teams created 4 [...]

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Behind the scenes at AXA Lab in Silicon Valley

Who better to provide an insight into the high-tech happenings of AXA Lab, Silicon Valley than someone who works there? We caught up with Thibaut Loilier to discuss change, collaboration and connecting with key digital players.

Thibaut Loilier, Analyst at AXA Lab

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The 4L Trophy: Back From an Amazing Adventure

Every year, thousands of students race Renault 4 cars more than 6,000 kilometres across France, Spain and the Moroccan desert for the 4L Trophy. But this race isn’t just about being the first to cross the finish line. The 4L Trophy adventure is a humanitarian mission supporting the work of [...]

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Learning from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders

“If two people in a garage can have a good idea and turn it into one billion customers after 10 years, why can’t 100,000 talented people at AXA have more than just one good idea and be able to convert their ideas into reality?” Henri de Castries, AXA Chairman & CEO, [...]

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How employees are shaping the AXA of the future

Here at AXA, we understand that trust is the foundation of any successful business. As George Stansfield, Head of Group Human Resources, explains, “You cannot innovate unless you have a really strong culture of trust and inclusion”. But with our reach and diversity – we have 155,000 employees across 56 [...]

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Velo to Vietnam

Daryl Boxall, Investment and Pension Manager, AXA UK 

As the world’s leading insurance brand, AXA cares passionately about protecting people. As part of this commitment, they care about giving back to communities too – and not just the communities on their doorstep. I recently won a work competition and the prize, [...]

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Global secondments, great opportunities and good friends: 15 years at AXA

Did you know that AXA has at least one customer in 196 countries? As Director of Medical Services at AXA PPP International, it’s my job to make sure that our customers all over the globe can access healthcare and be supported, whatever country they’re in.  From air ambulance providers to [...]

categories: Life at AXA
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