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My graduate experience as Deputy Product Owner at AXA

Our graduates have a real impact here at AXA. Not only do we ask them to challenge us and themselves, but it’s important to us that they contribute in a substantial way towards our purpose: empowering people to live better lives.

Karla Lukic is just one great example of how our [...]

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My First Month as the Great Global Adventurer

One week into my first AXA experience in New York City and I already have so much to share about the unique initiatives, exciting workplace environment and charitable causes AXA US is involved in. While I will be sharing several articles over the coming months with regard to specific aspects [...]

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Question: Is the Global Graduate Program right for you?

Choosing where to go after university is not always a simple step. And we know it can be a little over-whelming trying to make the right choice for your future. What’s most important is to choose an experience that’s right for you, but how do you decide?

Meet Cynthia, one of [...]

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Racing Driver. Mathematician. Data Analyst: Katelyn’s Story

For some people the future is clear. For others, it takes time to figure out what you really want in life. Take Katelyn for example, a rising star with a promising future ahead of her as a Data Analyst on the AXA Global [...]

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A Global Graduate Gathering

Every year we give graduates, who’ve joined our Global Graduate Program, the opportunity to attend the AXA Global Graduate Camp in November. This year’s camp was a huge success, with 136 graduates (almost double last year’s number) from 15 countries invited to Paris.

Spread over three days, the camp offered them [...]

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The AXA Global Graduate Program: From Hong Kong to Paris

Meet Zachary. He joined the Global Graduate Program in 2014 as an Actuarial Assistant in Hong Kong. Now he’s moved to Paris for his second assignment as an Actuarial Analyst at AXA France.

So, what’s it like working for the number one global insurance company? Let’s find out.

How does it feel [...]

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Challenge yourself to go further, faster

Gabriel joined the Global Graduate Program back in 2012 as a Pricing Actuary for AXA Global Direct France. His second rotation took him to Seoul in South Korea, and this year he completed the program and joined AXA permanently as a P&C Actuary [...]

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Are you ready to challenge your perceptions?

With the launch of the AXA Global Graduate Program 2016, we’re on the hunt for talented, ambitious graduates looking to challenge and be challenged for the better.

Like Dannae, who joined the program in 2015, moving from Madrid to Paris. She’s had the opportunity to [...]

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Culture and collaboration on my overseas AXA placement

Fátima Palomina, Global Actuarial Graduate Programme

I’m Fátima and I’m on AXA’s Global Actuarial Graduate Programme. It’s the high profile of the company and the opportunity to go abroad and work with a multicultural team, while getting to grips with business-critical work, which really appealed to me. I also liked that [...]

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From Graduate to Regional Manager: Andrew’s career at AXA

Andrew joined AXA Australia in 2004 as a Graduate Actuary – you might remember him from this video. Today, he’s Regional Manager at AXA Asia. We caught up with him to find out more about his experience and how his career has evolved at AXA.

I joined AXA as a [...]

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Gaining international experience as an AXA graduate

Cindy Komah

When I applied for a place on AXA’s Global Graduate Program, I was in Australia finishing my Masters in Accounting at the Macquarie University in Sydney. I was attracted to the program because I recognised the firm foundation it would give me in my actuarial career as [...]

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Team building on the AXA Global Graduate Program

Elena Maria Moreno, Actuarial Graduate, AXA France 

After studying actuarial sciences, I knew that AXA was the place I wanted to work. They’re one of the largest insurance companies in the world and that was very attractive to me. While the size and scope of the organisation is so vast,

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Where will the AXA Global Graduate Program take you?

As a graduate on our Global Graduate Program, you’ll have the possibility to work on an overseas assignment in different AXA locations across the world. From your very first assignment, you’ll have the chance to expand your expertise in a variety of roles.

Jaehoon, who is originally from South [...]

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We are all people protectors!

I had never imagined that I would work for an insurance company. The insurance products didn’t attract me because they didn’t seem very exciting. But then I realised that insurance is about protecting the things you care about - your life, your health, your family, your home. You could say [...]

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AXA's Great Big Global Graduate Camp

Last month, 70 AXA graduates from around the world visited us at our Paris HQ for the Global Graduate Camp, a three-day learning event focusing on innovation, future trends and leadership.

Here's a quick snapshot of what we got up to. 

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Where graduates go global

As a global business, standing still isn’t in AXA’s nature; we are constantly looking, thinking and moving ahead, developing innovative products and services to help our customers live more confidently each day. As a global employer, we’re always developing our people too. Right now, we’re looking for our leaders of [...]

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I’ve picked up the language and a taste for Samgyeopsal

Fabien Cherance, Actuary on the AXA Global Graduate Program, AXA Global Direct South Korea

I’ve always enjoyed travelling. I’m a curious person and I knew that I didn’t want to stay only in France. Before coming to work at AXA, I’d travelled around Europe and South America. So after my first [...]

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AXA UK Graduates share insider tips on the application process

Starting the application process to become one of our brand new graduate trainees can be a daunting thought, but you’ll never regret getting started! Here, some of our recent graduates share their experiences so you know exactly what to expect.

Simon Daunter: There was a standard process for applying and the [...]

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